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Momok Ghost is a collection of true ghost stories.

Please note that this blog does not prove the existence of ghosts or spirits. The majority of the tales here have been compiled from the experiences of friends, family, and acquaintances. Although some names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved, the locations and details are given as accurately as possible to preserve the credibility of Momok Ghost.

Photograph of a Ghost, Oil & Gas Platform in Sabah Waters

I'm not sure if ghosts can be captured on photographs, but this is supposedly a genuine picture of a ghost.

Ghost Photo.

This photo was taken at an offshore location (platform), from Workboat Ajang Hormat at Barton Field South Furious in Sabah waters* by an offshore oil & gas construction crew.
The supposed ghost is at the upper-right side of the photo. Can you see it?

Many offshore locations (especially the older platforms) are said to be haunted.
To this day, many workbarges and workboats are said to have prayers and "cleansings" performed onboard by local bomohs prior to mobilization.

*Originally stated as Sarawak waters. Many thanks to the Anonymous commenter for the correction and additional details. Please refer to the comments below for details on the location.


Anonymous said...

This is AJang Hormat at Barton Field Sabah Water, not Sarawak. The workboat is MV AJang Hormat.

-NaZ- said...

there is no living quarters at Barton platform. By the look at it, looks like South Furious (SF) platform.
FYI, the SF quarters has been abandoned for quite some time due to safety reason.
Heard many creepy stories since then.

rych said...

You mean the green thing? That is just a canvas to cover makeshift equipment at production area.My guess is the crane, as normally stuffs are loaded into that area of the platform. Also this is at St. Joseph platform in sabah deep water. It is definitely not barton and definitely not south furious.

Momok Ghost said...

I have just been informed that both the Barton and St. Joseph platforms do not have any living quarters (as seen in the photo), so for now the most likely location is at South Furious.

Please correct me if this info is wrong. Thanks again to all for your clarifications.

Scot said...

Definately not Barton (no LQ)
Definately not South Furious (no Bridge)
Perhaps looking towards the old control form at St Joseph, the "Ghost" is a Tarp covering a temporary work habitat on the bridge.

Anonymous said...

it is south furious platform. the part with vessel V-300 is SFP-A & the one with living quarters is SFDP-A. the bridge is linking DP-A with K-A (not in d photo).
wah! so.. the spirit is quite "huge" o. flying one?

Anonymous said...

that is canvas my friend... but at south furious is very spooky.. I've been there before..

Anonymous said...

G-gg-g-gg-ghost!!!! (Scooby mode).. Hahaha! The only 'ghost' I can see here is the word "Ghost Photo" ..