Momok Ghost

Momok Ghost is a collection of true ghost stories.

Please note that this blog does not prove the existence of ghosts or spirits. The majority of the tales here have been compiled from the experiences of friends, family, and acquaintances. Although some names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved, the locations and details are given as accurately as possible to preserve the credibility of Momok Ghost.

Ghost Gate at Bintang Plaza, Miri

There are rumours that a Kwai Moon Kwan (鬼門關 "Ghost Gate" or Portal to Hell) is located at the place behind Sushi King (New Wing) Bintang Plaza.

There is a small roadside altar (red Chinese altar) in that area. The roadside altar was initially only a small poorly built structure but it has been "renovated" and "upgraded" several times within only 3 years and now it is considerably bigger and more well-equipped than it used to be. According to rumours, the altar was "upgraded" because the spirits in the area are more powerful / becoming more powerful.

Suicide case sometime in late 2009 at the location.

The area is also the location of a suicide case in late 2009, where a man jumped from the Bintang Plaza Carpark and fell to his death on the road somewhere behind Sushi King. During that time, the Bintang Plaza New Wing was still undergoing construction.

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