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Momok Ghost is a collection of true ghost stories.

Please note that this blog does not prove the existence of ghosts or spirits. The majority of the tales here have been compiled from the experiences of friends, family, and acquaintances. Although some names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved, the locations and details are given as accurately as possible to preserve the credibility of Momok Ghost.

Bintang Megamall / Bintang Plaza, Miri

Rumours have been floating around Miri that almost 500 human skeletons were found at the construction site of the new hotel adjoining Bintang Megamall / Bintang Plaza (soon-to-be Meritz Hotel). They are believed to have been killed and buried during the Japanese occupation of World War II.

Many strange hauntings and "trance-like" happenings have also been reported. There were also several suicides and "accidental" deaths at the Bintang Megamall area.

I've also heard from a sales person there who has said that there is supposedly a powerful "lady in red" who is behind the deaths of several men there. The sales person said it is believed that the "lady" is out to kill 7 men in order to menjadi manusia (revert to human form)..after which she would drink blood to survive (pontianak).

Apparently the situation became unbearable to the shop owners there and a Chinese exorcist or bomoh was called but it did not improve the situation.
There are speculations that there will be some special prayers held in the area around mid to end May 2011.
Supposedly, the skeletons will be moved to an area in Senadin, another reputedly "haunted spot".


jasonn said...

is this real or just a rumors that everybody spread just to make an urban legend to scare people??

Momok Ghost said...

So far I haven't received any tangible proof of the ghostly happenings, hence the usage of the term "rumours".

I'm personally not that worried about the so-called "haunting" of Bintang Plaza..though I am quite shaken by the massive burning of offerings in Senadin, which I personally witnessed. The extent of the offerings burnt was rather creepy.

Anonymous said...

Heard the same story for Hotel Purnama in Limbang. The first paragraph.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Limbang...does anyone ever heard about Tasik Mas in Limbang? More frightning stories to tell....i guess its the only park in M'sia with sign board sayin' Any physical, mental and emosi injuries is on their visitors own risk during their visit to the park!'

Anonymous said...

Been there..but nvr notice that warning..quite strange yea..creepy..