Momok Ghost

Momok Ghost is a collection of true ghost stories.

Please note that this blog does not prove the existence of ghosts or spirits. The majority of the tales here have been compiled from the experiences of friends, family, and acquaintances. Although some names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved, the locations and details are given as accurately as possible to preserve the credibility of Momok Ghost.

S.M.K. Dato Permaisuri Hysteria

It happened a while ago, but Taz only decided tell this story now.

A while ago (end June 2010), there was a well-known hysteria case in SMK Dato Permaisuri, it was quite big news in Miri. That time Taz knew a friend whose sister was working as a teacher there.

The teacher said it was indeed a very scary happening because there was mass hysteria with school children screaming and crying uncontrollably, but according to her, there were 3 happenings that were the most scary.

The first was when a student was seen walking up a big old tree in front of the school compound "not climbing and not only walking like crawling but walking upright on the tree trunk!"

The school canteen staff had kept many trays of raw eggs in the canteen for their daily use but said that all their raw eggs stock gave out a very bad smell and had "suddenly turned rotten and busuk for no reason during the hysteria."

The third story was when the girls that were "under hysteria" were in the school surau and were being helped by the teachers, but many of the teachers also didn't know what to do.
And one girl was like shouting and crying but when the religious teacher prayed for her she stopped and "went to sleep" calmly, so the religious teacher went to see another student "under hysteria". But when the religious teacher went away, the girl opened her eyes again!
According to Taz, "But her eyes were all black no white at all like the alien movies!"

This is an excerpt from a Borneo Post article:
"They wept, screamed, struggled and fainted inside and outside their classrooms.

It was a chaotic scene and a hair-raising experience for many of the students, especially those who have never witnessed such an incidence before.

The victims who are mostly Form 3, 4, and 5 students cried and screamed (seemingly in great pain).

Some fainted inside their classrooms, outside the school compound, and under the sheds.

It is believed to be the first mass hysteria in the state this year.

It is also worth noting that it happened just when the PMR trial examinations started yesterday.

“This is where it started first,” a student (who declined to be identified) later pointed out to The Borneo Post.

He was referring to a Form 3 student who suddenly cried and started screaming inside the classroom.

By 12.30pm the situation was still not under control as some students sitting in the shed on their way back to school also became hysterical.

The teachers tried their best to handle the situation but in truth most of them seemed confused.

For want of better solutions to the problem, some of the victims were carried to the school surau.

A shocked father who was informed by a teacher that his daughter was hysterical said he immediately rushed to the school. He took her home to be treated by an ‘ustaz’

Hundreds of students coming for the afternoon session were shocked upon seeing the mass hysteria. They were soon told to go home for fear that they too might become hysterical."

Bintang Megamall Carpark - Against the Wall

Two ladies went to Bintang Megamall. They went to the Upper-Level Carparks, and the first lady dropped her friend off at the entrance, telling her that she would park and meet her at Parkson.

After more than 20 minutes, the first lady still did not meet up with her friend. Her friend was worried and called her handphone. However, the lady did not pick up her handphone, which was very unusual because she always picked up her calls.

The friend was very worried and went to look for her. She found her at the Carpark, against the wall. The lady was pressed against the wall and her feet were floating off the ground!

The friend and security guards managed to get the lady off the wall and after a while they managed to wake her up.

Not sure what floor it was, but it was one of the Upper-Level Carparks.

Bintang Megamall "Relocation"

A massive burning of offerings by a group of people in red clothes was observed by many passersby at this area on the night of May 15th, 2011.

Rumours are linking the huge collective offerings to apparently "hundreds or even thousands of spirits" or "powerful" spirits to the recent Bintang Megamall "cleansing" or "relocation".

Even the local Chinese newspapers (See Hua Daily) have added to the speculation.

This was taken from the See Hua Daily website:

" 最大型超度法会 520祭品送“好兄弟”












Ghost Story from SMK St. Columba, Miri

There are instances of unusual happenings in a classroom in one of the SMK St. Columba classroom blocks (Block C, Classroom 4E4), where the lights and the fans would switch on without anyone inside the classroom and when the block was completely locked.

Such an "unusual case" also happened when Wong was in a Prefect camp there.

Wong was doing his duty rounds taking care of the Prefect Juniors in the opposite block, when he saw his friend in that very classroom. However, when Wong called his friend's name, "his friend" didn't answer..

Wong then walked further down, and he saw the same friend in the School Hall..

"But here's the catch: the Hall is more than 200 meters from that very classroom, and it would have taken more than 3 minutes to reach the School Hall...
And it was impossible for him to have ran towards the Hall when the block was fully locked up.

True story..."

Bintang Megamall Level 6 Carpark Haunted! (2 Tales)

Mr. A and Mr. U went to Bintang Megamall recently and they parked at the Level 6 Carpark there. A security guard found Mr. A in a daze or trance, trying to insert his car key into the wall! It was lucky that the security guard was there because Mr. U was also under some kind of trance and was walking towards the far (dark) end of the carpark!

N had witnessed a similar situation. N went to Bintang Plaza one night to buy some things. After shopping, he went back to his car at the carpark. He had parked his car at Level 6.

At the carpark, N happened to see his close friend wandering around. His friend seemed to be wandering around by himself in a daze. N shouted to his friend and he seemed to "wake up". It was almost close to the place where there were several suicide cases.